Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Virgin Media's TiVo could start with you and 999 other XL TV pack customers

Virgin Media today annouced the chance for its XL-pack TV customers to enjoy a TiVo box free of charge for an entire year.

But first, you'll need one of these cards:

...which, if you're on the XL TV pack, the nice postman should be delivering soon, if he hasn't already.

The card comes with a Unique reference number, which you should enter at the 'One of the First' registration form on Virgin's web site. 1,000 customers will be chosen by Virgin "in order that successful registrants comprise a representative sample of eligible customers." You must register by February 24th.

If you are indeed one of The Chosen Ones, then you'll be entering a new 12-month contract, and:
Must remain at least an XL TV customer for the duration of your new 12-month minimum term. At the end of the 12-month minimum term: (a) if you wish to keep your TiVo service, you will be charged the then applicable monthly TiVo fee; (b) if you do not wish to keep your TiVo service, certain functionality on your TiVo box will be disabled; (c) if you cease to be an XL TV customer, V+HD monthly fee may also apply on top of your TiVo monthly fee. All other services you take remain chargeable; only the monthly TiVo fee is waived. One TiVo box per account.

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Tom Chiverton said...

Now that offer I may take them up on. 3 quid on top of 30 isn't so bad as 200 and then not even owning the box...

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