Saturday, 26 February 2011

Compare Virgin Media's TiVo to other PVRs

I give you the first version of the Virgin Media TiVo Blog's PVR Comparison document.

I'm sure there's a few things in there which are a) incorrect, b) just daft and b) missing, so, with your feedback, I can improve the document so people can compare TiVo to other PVRs. At the moment those 'other' PVRs are Virgin's V+ HD and Sky's HD 1TB box.

UPDATED: Now contains details for Power consumption, HD Channels, VOD (Pull and Push), Search capabilities, Red button services and more.


ashpole said...

Nice comparison chart.

Perhaps you need an extra row: "Works when it rains?"!!


Nialli said...

Why only 99 hours for HD on the Tivo?

Jason (Admin) said...

Hi Nialli,

In the VM TiVo Guide document, its reported as 100, Carl W. over at TCF reports it as 99.

Nice to see the auto-publish feature on the spreadsheet is working. :-)

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