Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Virgin Media TiVo Updates: Sky; EPG; Interactive; Videos; Series 1

Some TiVo updates while the majority of us wait for a certain phone call from Virgin:
  • Its looks like Sky are preventing any of their channels from being shown in the Mini-TV box when you use Virgin's TiVo's TV guide. Sky: Believe in Pettiness.
  • Some of the programmes in the Catch-Up part of the EPG don't link directly to that programmes VOD stream yet, instead, selecting those programmes from the EPG merely takes you to the Catch-Up VOD Menu.
  • Interactive functionality isn't working yet, but it will soon, along with the much requested Red button for Sky Sports.
  • Three more videos showing off Options when recording a live show and Recording a program with padding can be located at the UKTivoBlog.
  • Posters over at the TiVo Community Forums report that the service for Series 1 TiVo Recorders will be discontinued from 1 June 2011.

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