Thursday, 17 February 2011

Gameloft planning to bring games to Virgin Media's TiVo?

Digital gaming publisher Gameloft announced a partnership with Samsung to supply titles for the company's Smart TV range of sets. Gameloft's senior vice president Publishing, Gonzague de Vallois, also revealed (while talking to Pocket-Lint) that their games could be coming to a TiVo near you (or soon to be near you):
It's the same on the set-top boxes. We know the roadmap of the processing power from Intel, and from the chipset guys, and they will catch up - with better experiences. It's going to be very exciting.
Could that include the Virgin Media TV powered by TiVo box, with its Flash 10.1 platform and processing power?
"Yeah, sure."

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Simon said...

Small point but, at least according to wikipedia, TiVo Premiere - and presumably the Virgin TiVo - use Flash Lite 3.1 rather than Flash 10.1.

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