Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Search/Browse & Wishlist functionality shown in latest Virgin Media TiVo video

UKTivo.Blogspot.Com just keeps on uploading the videos showing us functionalty from Virgin Media's TiVo. This latest video production shows off the Search and Browse functionality, focusing on searching for an actor (in this case, Angelina Jolie), and showing some information about Angelina, followed by movies which features her.
That's followed by the opportunity to play Salt from the Filmflex VOD service; a quick drive through a Wishlist; A glimpse of the cast for Salt; And finally the creation of an 'Angelina Jolie' Wishlist which is then used to view upcoming programmes on multiple channels which features you-know-who. Its a pretty comprehensive video which shows off a few of TiVo key features:


Anonymous said...

Just my install today, was really looking forward to setting up Auto Record WishLists again.

Alas, it would appear Virgin have made this next to useless IMHO, as there's no way to filter channels, recording Children's programmes and even Radio! :(

Jason said...

Yeah, I've noticed this was an issue over at TCF, a tad disappointing to say the least.

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