Sunday, 20 February 2011

New Videos for Virgin Media TiVo; Explore Shows, Tweet away and win a Million pounds on your telly

TivoCentralCoUK have uploaded 3 new videos showing off use of Virgin Media's TiVo. One of the videos shows Exploring shows on Virgin Media's new TiVo, another reveals the addictive-looking Who wants to be a Millionaire game.

The third video below shows off TiVo's Twitter app:


Tony Hoyle said...

I can't imagine tweeting on a Tivo until there's a keyboard available..

The millionaire game is quite fun though.

Tom Chiverton said...

Wow. Is the top level menu really that slow moving between items ? I can *see* it pausing with an empty area before filling it in! That's silly. It should be immediate- the sub items change once in a blue moon for heavens sake !

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