Friday, 18 February 2011

UPDATE: Virgin Media's TiVo could start with you and 999 other XL TV pack customers

It looks like you don't need to wait for one of these to come in the post after all:

...because tonight a page went live on the Virgin Media site which accepts registrations without the Unique reference number which has been printed on the 'It all starts with you' cards.

So, if you haven't received the above card in the post yet, and you fancy a chance of getting your hands on one of "1,000 TiVo boxes which you could enjoy on us for an entire year", then click here, good luck, and ignore the 'thank you' message after registration which assumes your first name is Phil.

You'll also receive an email from Virgin confirming your registration, mine said this:
Thank you for your interest.

We will be in contact by 20th March 2011 if you are one of the lucky ones to receive a TiVo box on us for a year.

Best wishes,

The Virgin Media Team


brooza said...

I did that, and it seemed to think I was called Phil...

Jim said...

Called me Phil too. Could be some Bullingdon joke on use plebs i.e "phil" is ancient Greek for love. So it's really calling us "love".

upinthesky said...

Just registered now using that site, no mention of Phil in the confirmation, obviously been tidied up

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