Sunday, 6 February 2011

New YouTube video reveals real-life performance of Virgin Media's TiVo

A new TiVo video is up on YouTube, showing a Virgin Media TiVo user selecting various menus and options. For those of you curious about the real-life performance of the box (and the layout of various user interface screens), its an interesting watch:

Thanks to big_dirk at TiVo Community Forums for the video.


Nialli said...

Cool. Shame it doesn't show TiVo search and other unique functionality in action though

Richard said...

looks as fast as my SA box

Tom Chiverton said...

Wow. For 250-something quid, I expect it to be near-as instant, espicaly for near-static top level content like the first few menu items shown.
Will be keeping my money !

Admin said...

There's some follow-up comments by Square Eyes at Nialli's Virgin Media High Definition & TiVo Services Blog, which suggests that the updated build of the software is better performance-wise then shown in the video:

Rachael said...
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