Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Yet Another Virgin Media TiVo Blog is here, with another new video

The new UKtivo.blogspot.com Blog went live eariler tonight, created by big_dirk from the Tivo Community Forums. His latest video shows some inconsistencies in the performance of the software:

Square Eyes left a comment on the Virgin Media High Definition & TiVo Services Blog yesterday which gives us hope that later builds of the software will improve the performance shown in this and the video clip posted yesterday:
Right - just to clarify. At this moment in time this is not the finished article, there is still a fair bit of testing going on. The menu is much faster than what you can see on this video clip. Most of the menu is HD as well.

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Anonymous said...

so what processor does this run on? Thought i saw somewhere it was 4 or 500Mhz(can't find it now.
But even tiny little mobiles have 1Ghz these days! Is it just Virgin being cheap?

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