Tuesday, 24 July 2012

25% of Virgin Media's TV customers have TiVo; iPad app coming in late 2012?

Virgin Media's 2nd quarter results for 2012 are in, and the TiVo invasion of the Digital Cable TV network continues with 938,800 customers getting TiVoed - that figure is due to reach 1 million this week. 25% of Virgin's TV customer base now has Virgin's next-gen PVR. Despite the fact that the monthly TiVo fee (now included in the Collections packages) increased from £3 to £5 per month, the take-up for TiVo increased compared to the previous quarter.

But what about the impending threat from YouView? Virgin Media CEO Neil A. Berkett doesn't seem to concerned about that:

TiVo is a significantly superior product to the impending YouView. It has far greater intelligence search, recommendation, and discovery tools, which means that our customers wherein combined with a far greater array of content whether that be free, over the top, or pay will have a significantly superior product and well-priced and well positioned as part of our essentials 25 pound bundle.

TiVo braces over the top applications and clearly these are distributed by a dedicated IP pipe. Separate from the dedicated IP pipe or spectrum such as video on demand, separate from the broadcast taking advantage of our connectivity advantage.

And the iPad app? Where the heck is it?
We have an exciting product roadmap ahead of us with the next step being the launch of iPad companion app with live streaming in the fourth quarter....that will ultimately move to a full application across multiple devices.

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