Thursday, 2 February 2012

Monthly fee increase for Virgin Media TiVos ordered from end of February

Virgin Media Customer? Still haven't got TiVoed? Then you better get a move on because the prices for many of Virgin's services will increase from the start of April.

According to Virgin's web site, the M pack is going up to £7. The L pack increases to £19.50, while the XL pack increases to £26.50.

But what about the monthly TiVo charge? Well, for TiVos already ordered that will remain at an additional £3 per month. But from the end of February, any TiVo boxes ordered by new or existing customers will cost an additional £5 per month.


denyo1977 said...

At the moment I'm not paying an additional fee for Tivo for the first year. To be honest I don't even think Tivo is worth £3 extra, but £5 us nearly day light robbery. And on top the XL package going up by £2. Sadly to say Freesat is looking more and more like a possibility.

Tony Hoyle said...

More VM billing fun. How many customers will be able to tell? With the multiple discounts, additions and random numbers plucked out of their arse it's almost impossible to tell what you should be paying anyway..

gmcausland said...

Very unhappy with these price rises. I don't think Tivo is worth £3 a month, let alone £5. I am seriously looking to go to Freesat and going VIOP on phone calls and only having BB with Virgin.

aycliffe_angel said...

The thing with Freesat is that the channel offering is lousy and it is unlikely to ever get much better!

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