Monday, 7 November 2011

15.2 software update rollout schedule for Virgin Media's TiVo released?

Media Boy has revealed information regarding the rollout schedule of the 15.2 software update to each regional headend on Virgin Media's Cable Network. Virgin themselves would like to remind everyone that the rollout dates haven't been officially confirmed.

Meanwhile, its also been revealed that the pause timeout for VOD content during playback has been increased from a 'barely time to make a pee' 3 minutes to a 'take a pee and make yourself a sandwich' 10 minutes. Also, the number of skip bars within content has increased to once every 5 minutes from the current 10 or 15 minutes.


BK said...

looks like link is broken... can see it here too-

Jason (Admin) said...

Link has been updated.

Bigmac10 said...

I don't see Bristol anywhere, although Swindon is. Are they leaving out most of the West Country?

martine93 said...


Bristol comes under the Aztec headend

tonymontana250 said...

How do you use your skip bars when I use mine it skips to the end credit of the films very annoying as I can only fast forward a film using fast forward which does about 30 seconds so takes ages to get to the part of I'm half way through a film and it resets or I go back to it later in the day please help as misses is moaning lol thanks !!

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