Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Virgin Media to issue £50 refund for early buyers of 1TB TiVo

Coming soon to early buyers of 1TB TiVo
The news of the new pricing structure for Virgin Media's TiVo didn't go down well with existing customers, many of which (me included) paid £149.95 for the 1TB version of the PVR. Today, just under 3 months after pre-registered customers received the initial emailed offer, the same box can be obtained from Virgin for £99.99.

With anger mounting on various forums (including Virgin's own TiVo forum) about the fast reduction in price, the cable company today announced that early buyers of the 1TB version will be getting a £50 refund:

As many of you will have seen, we have just launched the marketing campaign for Virgin Media TiVo.  As part of this campaign we've decided to lower the price for the 1TB box to £99.95.   We're conscious that the earliest buyers of this great product paid £149.95, which was an offer only available to existing Virgin Media XL TV customers at the time.

We want to ensure that those who bought TiVo early are not missing out on the more competitive price now available.  We're therefore pleased to say that we'll be crediting all those customers who bought the 1TB box at £149.95 with the £50 difference.  This will appear on your bill in the next two months.  We'll be emailing all these customers shortly, to confirm this.

We hope that you'll continue to enjoy your TiVo experience, which we think is the best way to watch TV, ever!

Thanks for your support


Alex Green
Executive Director, Commercial, TV & Online
Virgin Media

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Anonymous said...

Called VM today. Got my £50 refund, taken off my next bill. Result...

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