Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Virgin Media's 2nd Quarter results for 2011: 50,000 customers get TiVoed

From Virgin's Press Release:
We have now started to sell and market our new TiVo service to new customers. This is the UK s first next generation TV service, seamlessly bringing together the best of TV, on demand and the web through an intuitive graphical interface. This enables us to launch exciting new entertainment experiences, such as we developed with Warner Bros Pictures to complement the launch of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 . We introduced a dedicated TV app that brought together live film premiere coverage with extra online content. We have also introduced a mobile app allowing customers to set their TiVo service to record shows remotely. The strong early demand for this service has matched our high expectations and, as of 26th July, we had approximately 50,000 installed TiVo customers.

We have also announced an exclusive agreement with digital music service Spotify, which makes Virgin Media the only entertainment provider able to integrate the Spotify streaming music service into its consumer offerings. As well as online and on mobile, we are also working to build an exclusive TV app which will make a catalogue of over 13 million music tracks available to listen to through home cinema systems.

We currently have around 3.8m TV customers, of which 1.7m or 45% are able to experience HD after having a further 131,000 customers take an HD set-top box in the quarter.
The results come after Virgin announced 50,000 pre-registrations for TiVo back in February. The vast majority of TiVo customers would have acquired their PVR before Virgin reduced the price of the 1TB version while standardising the monthly fee and ramping up the marketing advertising for TiVo.

Suffice to say that the cable company will be looking to increase the number of TiVo customers during the next quarter, in fact, Trusted Reviews report that another 25,000 customers are awaiting a TiVo installation. Virgin (and their customers no doubt) will also be hoping for more content (like Sky Anytime+ VOD, coming soon) and more HD channels. Me? I'd settle for some action from CBS right now.

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