Sunday, 24 July 2011

Update on data issue with recent EPG download for Virgin Media's TiVo; No series link recordings currently scheduled

Virgin have been working on a fix for this issue, so far without success. Customers who have manually forced a EPG download this morning (and then waited a hour for the data to be indexed for use by the box) are still reporting no scheduled recordings for series links.

This issue also affects remote recording requests for series links, my test request to create a series link for Cougar Town (sent from my laptop) eventually resulted in a message on my TiVo informing me that there are no episodes of that programme in the EPG - despite 2 episodes of that programme appearing tonight from 8pm on Sky Living Loves.

Mark Brooks of Virgin's Help & Support Forum Team posted this status update eariler today:
Hi all, I have just had an update, the fix has not gone through yet, we need to get access to some servers to do this, we are trying our best to do this today, but as it is Sunday this may not be possible, therefore it may be tomorrow morning before this is fixed.

It has been escalated up the chain and we are working on getting access, therefore there is nothing further we can do at present, as soon as I have more information I will update on here.
On my box, planned Wishlist recordings (or at least, some of them) appear to be unaffected:

But planned series link recordings are, as are the planned Wishlist recordings for Haven (New episodes only) and Shark, but I'm not sure if those shows are on within the next 2 weeks anyway, pretty sure Shark isn't.

More on this issue to follow, along with a fix we hope.


Anonymous said...

awesome! that`s another chink in "The best way to watch tv ever" and its armour....

Anonymous said...

Great we only work mon-fri if there is a fault on the epg(that you pay £3 p/m for) at weekends sorry folks were shut,Great service vm

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