Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Feedback Tool now online for Virgin Media TiVo Customers

Nick Ontiveros, Virgin Media's TV Strategy/Digital Entertainment expert, posted this message at Virgin's Help and Support Forums for TiVo:

Hi all,

This forum has been one of the most active and vibrant in the Virgin Media Community, and I appreciate the enthusiam that all of you have had for posting and discussing TiVo here.

I've seen that a lot of you have posted feedback that you'd like us in the TiVo team to see, as well as many of you who have come across smaller issues with our service, such as programme guide data errors that we should be aware of.

With all of the congestion on our board, it's difficult to keep track of it all, so we have designed a new feedback tool to ensure that your voice is heard.

I'm happy to launch the 1st version of the TiVo Feedback Tool, which is a survey that can be found at:

Please use this tool to make suggestions for the TiVo service, complain about one of our features, report a programme guide error or any other issue that you've been experiencing. Keep in mind that in most cases, we take no personal information from this survey, so your response will be anonymous and you will not receive a reply.

Please send me a Private Message if you have any suggestions for future versions of this tool. I hope you continue to enjoy using your TiVo service and discussing TiVo in this forum.

Nick Ontiveros
TV Strategy, Digital Entertainment

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