Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Virgin Media launches Android TV Guide App; Includes remote record for TiVo

Virgin have released an App, but its not for TiVo, its for Android phones and tablets (Version 2.1 and above) and its available to download from Android Market:
See what’s on telly when and set recordings with Virgin Media TV powered by TiVo

Lets you know what’s on when. It’s even easier to find what you want to watch faster, too. Just choose your Virgin TV region and package (M, L or XL) and see what’s on the channels you have.
However, if you have a TiVo you may find the app useful because:
You can set your box to record a show whether you’re at home or on the move. Remote Record lets you set up recordings online or through your mobile.

It’s simple – just log in, pick a show and press record. You can record a single episode or save the whole series.
The app doesn't appear to add that much functionality over the existing mobile site for Virgin's TV Guide (not during my quick 2 minute play with it) but nevertheless, its there and its worth a look for customers with an Android device.


John said...

Annoyingly the app isn't compatible with the HTC Wildfire. I don't see why this should be. It can't be that processor intensive. Its a list of programs with a message system to plan recordings for goodness sake.

Dogsbody said...

Looks great. A couple of little niggles (now we are on the XL package it takes ages to scroll through listings as there is no fast scroll) but used it to set some recordings and seems to work great :-)

I look forward to being able to edit season passes, view program clashes etc. in the future.

distantlurker said...

This app is the same as the impressive TV Guide but tarted up with Virgin colours and the added functionality of Tivo remote record.

Sadly, and for some reason I can't fathom, it's much, much slower than the original so if you don't need the recording functionality, get the TV Guide app from the market place instead.

Set up is a bit messy, the instructions aren't the best.

All in all, it is great to have the remote record facility and if they can speed up the app (considerably) this will be a great product.

Mike said...

Any one know why not compatible with HTC Wildfire grrrrrr

Mike said...

Any one know why not compatible with HTC Wildfire grrrrrr

uigiflip said...

dont work on motorla xoom tablet works kind of on my htc desire hd but on screen keyboard not on properly so cant enter user name and pswd.

billo said...

Does not list Sky Sports or Movies anybody know why??

Pubis said...

Mike, it doesn't work on the Wildfire as the screenresolution is too low.

m-o-r-g said...

Where's the app gone?

Micky said...

The Wildfire app may not work because of the screen resolution being smaller, it has a less apps that work.

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