Wednesday, 20 July 2011

More on BBC iPlayer Catch-Up on Virgin Media's TiVo

It looks like the newly established links from the Catch-Up EPG to BBC iPlayer content actually link to the legacy VOD MPEG 2 stream instead of the streamed content in the iPlayer App.

When playing back streaming content from the App, TiVo allows you record 3 programmes simultaneously. However, when playing back iPlayer content from the Catch-Up EPG while recording 3 programmes, TiVo will ask you if its OK to stop recording on a tuner, in order to use it to play back the legacy VOD stream.

Virgin Media Staff employee BenMcr posted on Virgin's Help and Support Forums that:
The iPlayer app is staying on the Red Button, because it has more content than VoD does. However if you don't want to use it, you can find the iPlayer VoD content via: Catch Up On Demand, Backwards EPG (and) Search and Browse so there are more ways of finding the content than there was with the V boxes


Tom said...

It's a good start - but it would be better if selecting a previously shown episode of something it actually took you to that episode directly, not to the Catch-Up menu list of days.

Jason (Admin) said...

It will if the episode made been made available by the Beeb. There will always be a delay between the original broadcast and the programme actually being available on iPlayer.

Jason (Admin) said...

Sorry, I meant 'It will if the episode has been made....'

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