Sunday, 24 July 2011

Series Link recording issues fixed for Virgin Media's TiVo

Virgin have unleashed an EPG update which can be manually downloaded to your TiVo (via Home, Settings, Network, Connect to Virgin Tv Service now), and customers on Virgin's Help & Support forums are reporting that this update has fixed the series link recording issue.

You should wait around an hour or two after downloading the update in order to give your box time to index the data to be used for series link recordings. The fix will also be applied when TiVo next does an automatic download of the EPG.

My own TiVo is now scheduling series link recordings correctly after a manual download of the EPG.


TycoonUK said...

How do you manually download the EPG?
Only got my TiVo last Friday

Jason (Admin) said...

Home, Settings, Network, Connect to Virgin Tv Service now

kenneth said...

i just done Series Link with nikita just have to see if it record on the night .

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