Thursday, 27 October 2011

Virgin Media release Q3 2011 results: 222,000 TiVo customers

Their numbers are growing
The 3rd Quarter results are in for Virgin Media, and the TiVo invasion of the Digital Cable network is very much underway! The 2nd Quarter results revealed that 50,000 customers had gone for the next-gen PVR.

Today's results reveal that Virgin have quadrupled their TiVo stronghold in the last 3 months, with 222,000 TV customers now in possession of the box as of yesterday (probably helped by a TV advertising campaign, the reduced activation fee and the retirement of V+ HD). According to Pocket-Lint, that works out to 1 TiVo install per minute.

The presentation also reveals some feedback from customers:
  • 80% say TiVo gives more freedom
  • 50% watching more catch-up
  • Content discovery through search / browse
  • 50% watching more good quality TV
  • 75% no longer worry about disk space

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