Thursday, 13 October 2011

More details for Virgin Media's Winter 2011 software update for TiVo

Scarlett Johansson wasn't happy to discover that access to
Red Button content wasn't included in the Winter software update
Some follow-up details regarding the pilot for the Winter 2011 software update for Virgin's TiVo:
  • The pilot was only rolled out to 3500 TiVo customers in Crawley and Cambridge. The new software version is 15.2
  • Early feedback suggests that the pilot includes performance improvements. This would be in sync with the software for the Premiere Elite which, despite having the same memory and CPU as the Premiere, boasts performance improvements.  That software is expected to be rolled out for the Premiere (which Virgin's TiVo is based on).
  • Posts at Cable Forum (here and here) suggest that support for multi-room streaming is included. This, again, would also be in sync with the software released for the Elite. Streaming was enabled a while ago for the Premiere but someone at TiVo later flicked the 'off' switch for that (I'm guessing that was a pilot in itself). 
  • Just to clarify, the pilot software does not and will not instantly provide access to Red Button content to BBC, Sky Sports etc. when its downloaded to your TiVo. The pilot software provides support for developers to create Red Button apps at a later date.


ra7or said...

Hey, I've got the 15.2 RC firmware and I can confirm to see a bit performance improvement yet to be seen. The new youtube is very slick needs getting used to. The remote network works using a cable connect to my router so I can use my iPhone app to act as remote control with peanut app. No download yet! The padding has a degree of control so you can modify it and has recording priority settings. Have to see how it works in action. Have not tried the red button yet do not think it works yet.

Buzz said...

Just called Virgin, I been told that multi-room streaming will not be included in this update

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