Thursday, 20 October 2011

Monthly charge changing for Virgin Media's TiVo: £3 per TiVo from November?

Want to stream content for TiVos ordered
from November? It will this extra, per month
According to comments on Virgin Media's Facebook page, the monthly charge for TiVo will be changing from November, and not for the better.

All TiVos ordered before November are charged at £3 per month per account, so for example, 2 TiVos on one account would cost £3 per month.

According to the Facebook comments by a Virgin Media Staff Member, TiVos ordered from 1st November will be charged at £3 per TiVo. For the above example, that will be £6 per month.

This would be a disappointing move, especially if multi-room streaming is enabled in the 15.2 software update. Virgin, this would a great way to kill off enthusiasm for those considering buying a 2nd TiVo for multi-room streaming!

Those considering streaming content from TiVo to TiVo may want to reconsider, or order a 2nd TiVo within the next week or so and avoid paying £36 extra per year for their 2nd TiVo.

More confirmation from Virgin Media to follow if and when its received.


Buzz said...


I just talked to virgin and they have said that the price is not changing to £3 per TIVO box, Ive looked on the face book page and can not find any details.

Could you point me to the actual post that shows this.

Jason (Admin) said...

Check out the comments for Thursday 20th:

Virgin Media ‎@Kev Leader

Just in Kev, if you order before 1st November you'll be charged £3.00 per account rather than per box. After that, it's £3.00 per TiVo box. Hope this makes sense, Michael
Thursday at 05:57


Customers Service are the last to be told anything, even the woman I spoke to at VM said that.

This news has been backed up by VM staff members at Cable Forum.

Mike said...

I was told this evening that I would need to pay the £3 per box even though I was trying to order my second box this evening (27th October) which I don't believe counts as November.

I'm going to try again tommorow as the Facebook posts and the VM site are at odds with what the CS rep told me.

I have no problem paying the £3 if that is what the new price is (that's just tough cookie for me as I should have ordered earlier). However it does leave me a little confused.

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