Friday, 21 October 2011

My 1TB Virgin Media TiVo is about to get a Baby Brother

I will not get another TiVo.
I will not get another TiVo.
I will not get another TiVo.

Oh bugger it.

500Gb TiVo ordered to replace the 6 year old TV Drive/V+ HD box.

When I ordered the 1TB version, Virgin offered to move the V+ HD box to another room and waived the multi-room fee. I was assured that would still be the case after swapping the V+ HD for the 500Gb TiVo.

£49.95 fee paid for installation, which won't be until November 5th. Interestingly, Customer Services hadn't been informed about the reported change for the monthly fee.


Marky said...

Just a little tip...
Keep ringing 150 and asking for earlier installation dates if you want it installed sooner.
I originally got an installation date of Early December for my second TiVO, rang them up this week and got an installation this weekend :)

I did it for my first TiVO installation also :)

Anonymous said...

replaced my Samsung v+HD box last month with a 500Gb TiVo, that I myself wasn`t going to get....Like you say, its only because there`s no additional charge for the multi-room..

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