Friday, 15 April 2011

Virgin Media's TiVo gets a Trusted Review[s]: "the most powerful set top out there at the moment"

Trusted Reviews have erm, reviewed Virgin's next-generation PVR. Awarding the box 8 out of 10, Reviewer David Gilbert believes that:
Virgin Media Powered By TiVo is a step into the future where television can be viewed on your terms. With its 1TB hard drive, three tuners and unique learning brain, TiVo could change the way we watch television but this is very much a first foray into the future rather than a fully developed solution. The TiVo box is the most powerful set top out there at the moment and it has laid down the challenge for everyone else to follow.

...While there are certainly some drawbacks, Virgin Media freely admit that this is just the beginning and the powerful box offers so much more than any of its competitors do. Its unique learning brain will bring you to television places you could only have dreamed of. It will introduce you to shows you will love (and hate) and will help you view television in the way you want to view it. The potential for growth is huge with TiVo and if Virgin Media get it right then it will set the standard for how we watch TV for a long time into the future.

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