Friday, 1 April 2011

Dynamic views enabled for Virgin Media TiVo Blog

Virgin Media's TiVo may be lacking a dynamic EPG (for the moment anyway), but those wonderful people at Blogger.Com have enabled dynamic views for all their blogs, including of course, this one.

You can access the views here, or via the link to the right of all blog pages.


Tom Chiverton said...

lacking a what ?

Jason (Admin) said...

Dynamic EPG - so when programmes overrun (football games etc), then the EPG automatically updates to show the delayed programme schedule.

From what I've read, TiVo doesn't do this (yet), but Sky and some Freeview boxes do.

Tom Chiverton said...

Without a dynamic program guide, will programs still record if the program is late/runs over ? That's kinda the key thing ... not sure if it's driven by the EPG or some sort of 'program really ended' marker.

Jason (Admin) said...

It will record, but you have to set the padding manually for live programmes, there's a YouTube video showing this:

I *think* you get the option to set padding for each series link created.

If a programme your recording overruns and you run out padding, then, well...... :-(

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