Monday, 11 April 2011

Virgin Media begin dispatch of pre-registration order emails for TiVo

Its taken them 4 months, but, finally, Virgin have started sending emails this week containing ordering information for TiVo (the 1TB version) to pre-registered customers.

VIP customers will be the first to receive these emails, followed by Triple XL customers, and then customers on the XL TV pack, so, don't panic if you've yet to receive your email. VIP 50/100 customers get the £3 per month charge waived, all existing customers (pre-registered or not) will get the £40 installation fee waived for bookings made in April, as previously reported.


Nialli said...

Virgin Media say the free installation is only for existing customers ordering their TiVo in April.

Jason (Admin) said...

Cheers, just updated that text. :-)

After 4 months, TiVo really IS 'Coming Soon', I've got just over a week to watch loads of recorded content on my trusty TV Drive/V+ HD.

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