Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Pricing update for Virgin Media's TiVo; Free installation for existing customers booking in April; Discounts for VIP 50/100 customers; Baby TiVo

Virgin Media staff member and Cable Forum poster Digital Fanatic has posted an update regarding TiVo pricing for pre-registered customers, before the official TiVo launch date of next Monday:
Some of you will get an email to book online and some will be directed to a special pre-sales orderline, this is because some of you have complicated billing arrangements!

Install is free in April, so you are getting that knocked off.

VIP's (50 & 100 only) are getting the TiVo monthly charge waived. It will appear on the bill, but you will get a bigger discount to cover.

[The £149 for the TiVo box] will go on to the bill (existing customers only), so no credit card required. we will up your credit limit on your account to cover the cost and stop any billing issues.
The free installation offer is valid for existing customers only and applies when you book an installation in April - customers who take advantage of this offer will save £40, bringing the price of the 1TB 'Daddy' TiVo down to £149 + £3 extra per month (XL pack required).

VIP 50 & VIP 100 customers look like they will get a discount to cover the £3 monthly charge.

Meanwhile, screen-shots of an TiVo article in Virgin Media's Electric! Magazine have been posted online at the TiVo Community Forum. The text at the bottom of Page 7 mentions the coming arrival of the Baby TiVo:
A lower spec box will be available soon, but the 1TB TiVo box is still our flagship product.

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Matthew said...

What about VIP20 customers?

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