Saturday, 9 April 2011

Poll results: Virgin's Media's pre-registered offer for TiVo

Voting closed last night for the latest poll, where I wondered how many people would accept Virgin's TiVo offer for pre-registered customers. The initial offer wasn't greeted with much enthusiasm, mainly due to the requirement of paying the £40 install fee.

However, while the poll was running, news came through that the installation fee was being waived for any TiVo installations booked during April, following the launch of TiVo for pre-registered customers, so the final results are somewhat slewed.

Anyway, from 271 votes, 124 of you (45%) said yes, you would accept the offer, this is up from around 37% before news of the free April installation broke. 147 votes (55%) said no, you wouldn't accept the offer.

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