Tuesday, 29 March 2011

TechRadar reviews Virgin Media's TiVo: "With a bit of polish, [this] will become the finest PVR on the market"

TechRadar's review of Virgin Media's TiVo is online now. Awarding the next-generation PVR 4 stars out of 5, TechRadar liked most of what they saw but they wish Virgin would give the whole package a polish:

Will it keep the TiVo fans and television nuts happy? Yes. Is it the most powerful box on the market? Yes. But is it better than Sky's flagship 1TB Sky+ HD box? Not yet. And it won't be until it's given a much needed polish.

We hope that the blips will be quickly wiped out as Virgin Media gathers feedback and improves its product, and we're always impressed by a product that gives you the power to do something seriously cool.
Perhaps the most important point about the TiVo box is that it takes the best points about being on cable – fast internet, instant HD on demand and the capacity to quickly suck in data, and makes them more fun, more usable and more powerful.

Sky's deep pockets, greater range of context and simpler user interface remain a powerful force in British pay-television, but finally we have a challenger with the power and the hardware to genuinely mount a challenge. And with a bit of polish, The Virgin Media powered by TiVo box will become the finest PVR on the market.
Read the full review at TechRadar, and compare Virgin Media TiVo to Sky's HD 1TB box in the PVR Comparison Document.

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