Sunday, 27 March 2011

PVR Comparison Document updated; Virgin Media's TiVo vs V+ HD vs Sky+ HD 1TB

There's been a few updates to the PVR Comparison Document recently, including updated information on the number of recording hours for TiVo after the recent software updates; Clarification on the Sky HD channels available on the Virgin STBs, and updated Tuner information for TiVo and Sky+ HD.


Bofrok said...

Hi Jason,

Just a minor point, you seem to have listed HDMI twice in Connections for the TiVo...unless I've misunderstood something :)

Jason (Admin) said...

Thanks for spotting that, I was of course, just testing visitors to the blog. :-)

Bofrok said...

Do I win a free TiVo? ;-)

Jason (Admin) said...

No, but you do win my thanks :-)

Wouldn't mind a TiVo, pay for OR free right now.

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