Monday, 28 March 2011

ElectricPig reviews Virgin Media's TiVo: "One of the best TV innovations we have seen released into the UK market"

ElectricPig.Co.Uk's review of Virgin's Media TiVo is online now, and reviewer Will Moore awarded the next-generation PVR 5 stars out of 5:
The Virgin Media TV powered by TiVo is one of the best TV innovations we have seen released into the UK market, and it easily trumps the Sky+ HD box in both looks and functionality.

At a £199 install price, and only a few pounds more a month, it’s comparatively reasonable in price too.

It should be noted that you have to be on the Virgin XL TV pack to be eligible for TiVo at present, but we are sure this will change over time.

If you are already an XL customer, we highly recommend upgrading to the TiVo service – it really will change the way you watch TV forever, and if you are a Sky customer coming to the end of your contract – maybe now is the time to ditch the dish and enter the world of fibre optic.
Note that the £199 price is for new customers. Existing customers (at least, those lucky enough to have received a TiVo) have reported on various forums paying £149 for the box. The 'few pounds more a month' is actually £3 extra per month for both new and existing customers, plus a one-off charge of £40 for installation.

As reported yesterday, existing customers who have pre-registered for TiVo should be receiving emails from Virgin Media this week containing details of a 'special deal' and hopefully, the option to order a TiVo installation online.

In the mean time, you can read the full review of TiVo at ElectricPig.Co.Uk.

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