Wednesday, 23 March 2011

So, what else was in the 3rd Tuner software update for Virgin Media's TiVo?

According to a reported post at the Virgin Media Community Tivo forum, below is the list of bugs fixed in the previous software update for Virgin's TiVo:
  • 3rd Tuner support
  • Recommendations improved by incorporating customer collaborative Thumbs data into the Discovery bar and recorded recommendations
  • Box no longer displays ‘Channel not authorised’ during normal channel changes
  • Customers no longer PIN challenged on watershed compliant channels
  • Bookmarks supported in Movies
  • Trailers now available and working for movies
  • STB no longer reboots when return path is lost. 
  • Green button now links to catch-up content correctly
  • Music playlist fixes
  • Metadata improvements 
  • Quicker to restore TV service after reboot 
  • Medium description utilised in VoD screens (adds rating guidance information) 
  • User presented with choice of HD or SD assets in ‘Get from On Demand’ screen 
  • Front panel LED’s now function when box is in standby

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