Thursday, 17 March 2011

3rd tuner activated for Virgin Media's TiVo; Record 3 programmes while watching a recording? Yes it can!

Its been promised, and now, its here. In the early hours of this morning, Virgin dispatched a software update for their TiVo boxes to activate the 3rd tuner. Rejoice.

But wait - not only does this allow the TiVo to record 2 programmes while you're watching live TV/VOD content/another recording, but you can record 3 programmes simultaneously! Better yet, you can watch a recording while recording 3 programmes simultaneously! This is a significant upgrade over Virgin's V+ HD (3 tuners) and Sky's HD (2 tuners), which always use 1 tuner to display the current programme/VOD content.

The software update has also improved the calculation used to report available recording hours. Pre-update, the TiVo reported an available 325 hours of Standard-Definition recording and 99 hours of High-Definition recording. Post-update, that's changed to 477 hours of Standard-Definition recording and 121 hours of High-Definition recording.

According to this thread at the TiVo Community Forums, the update doesn't appear to have killed off any reported bugs, but another update (pre-April?) will hopefully take care of those.


NDAS Contribute said...

With Sky, you can watch a recording, whilst recording two separate channels, however, I do agree that TIVO is a great improvement. Do you think that this is the last step before pre reg people start getting emails?

myoungs said...

I pre reg and I got mine installed last Sat and they called me on the 3rd march. Its awesome. I was laready a virgin phone L and BB L customer

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