Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Spotify's arrival on Virgin-TiVo may depend on accepting Virgin Media's UK exclusivity request

At the TiVo launch, Virgin revealed that they were in talks with entertainment companies in order to invade all of mankind their next-generation PVR with a wide selection of apps. One of them was Spotify.

Today, paidContent:UK reveals that:
Negotiations revolve around Virgin Media wanting UK exclusivity on offering Spotify - that’s something Spotify may be reluctant to give but which, having announced no such deals in over a year, it may need to.
Such a deal would give Spotify access to Virgin's TV, broadband, and potentially, mobile customers. Spotify have no plans for imminent announcements, let's hope that changes soon for future customers of Virgin-TiVo.

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PhilT81 said...

I've just had my TiVo box installed. I have a Spotify subscription and love having it on my iPhone rather than having to spend a fortune on music - it'd be pretty good to have an app so I can have it on my TV too.

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