Thursday, 2 December 2010

Virgin Tivo: 2 tuners now; 3 tuners early next year

People upgrading from the V+ HD boxes should bare in mind that initially, the Tivo will only be able to record 2 programmes at the same. Like the V+ HD boxes, the Virgin Tivo has 3 tuners, however, the Tivo software was originally written to work with boxes sold in the USA that only had 2 tuners. Virgin have decided to release their Tivo box now, rather than delay the launch by completing a rewrite of the software to support 3 tuners.

Therefore, the Virgin Tivo box will only have 2 of its 3 tuners active at launch. A software update will be rolled out by Virgin in early 2011 which will active the 3rd tuner - once activated, you'll be able to watch one programme while recording another 2 programmes at the same time, just like you can now on the V+ HD boxes.


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