Friday, 3 December 2010

Virgin to unleash 'family' of lower-cost TiVo Products

The initial Virgin-TiVo box (due to escape soon we hope to a welcoming TV near you, and come to think of it, me) costs £199. If that cost has put you off TiVo, then there's hope yet.

Ian Mecklenburgh (Director of Digital Entertainment at Virgin Media) spoke to DTVE Daily, and Digital TV Europe.Net reports that while the first Virgin-TiVo box is a premium product, it will eventually be part of a whole family of Virgin-TiVo products. The 'premium' box has a 1TB hard drive, but a future version of Virgin-Tivo will contain a hard drive with less capacity and less recording space - but at a lower cost to the customer.

Future, lower-cost Virgin-TiVo products will also enable multiroom distribution of content - allowing you to, for instance, to record a programme on your TiVo in the lounge and then watch that recorded programme from the TiVo in your bedroom.


Tom Chiverton said...

How about they just give me a larger drive than the current V+ none of the crap ?

Admin said...

I'm guessing that doesn't fit with Virgin's plans to move everyone over to TiVo. Or perhaps that having a hard-drive upgrade option wouldn't be profitable.

Shame really because just 20 hours of HD recording space isn't enough, not will all the HD channels we've got in the last year or so, with more to come.

Nialli said...

It would have been a really useful option to offer V+ drive upgrades last summer after we got the extra HD channels but now it would be a little redundant. Every day I use the V+ EPG I feel like I'm living in the past - bring on TiVo.

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