Monday, 13 December 2010

Buried, deep in the Virgin Media EPG....

The above screen shot was taken from my existing TV Drive/V+ HD box, from the existing Virgin EPG (Home > Help & Info > Virgin TV > V+ HD Box > About V+ > Page 5 of 8).

The message is confusing, to say the least. What's even more confusing is that in the rest of the help text, V+ and V+ HD refer to the same thing.

As previously indicated, some of the existing Virgin Media Set-Top-Boxes (mainly the V Boxes) are compatible with the TiVo firmware. Those STBs are expected to receive a download delivering the TiVo software at some point next year. Of course, all recording functionality will be removed for those boxes.

Maybe the text indicates that, as I suspected, the old TV Drives/V+ HD boxes, while believed to be compatible with TiVo, aren't fast enough to cope with TiVo's Flash interface, hence, as Virgin puts it, I "might like to check out our V+ HD service". Hang on a sec, I've already got a V+ HD box! What the heck?

Maybe Virgin plan to keep the V+ HD name, and add 'powered by TiVo' to its description? From the Digital TV Services page of the Virgin Media Site:

As always with Virgin, the answers to the above questions, along with TiVo, are coming soon.

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