Thursday, 2 December 2010

The early reviews are in....

.....and they sound very encouraging:

...the early indications are that this could be the best set-top box on the market – with only Sky's superior content offering allowing it to compete with a well-designed, intuitive and, frankly, superior user interface in a world of video on demand, catch up and web apps.

...Our final early impressions are that this is an exciting and thoroughly modern new offering from Virgin Media, which will not only be exciting to current customers but might just lure others to the black, red and gold side.

It is, quite simply, stunning. Both super quick and intuitive, there's a raft of cunning technologies whizzing about behind the scenes that make for the most pleasant TV experience on the market today.

Virgin Media's TiVo box looks like it will be amazing, giving Virgin TV the clear, logical, user-friendly menus it has always lacked. If it works as expected, TiVo's ability to record what it thinks you like will be a killer feature.

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