Saturday, 4 December 2010

TiVo rollout to target Virgin Media Staff & Existing Customers first

Talking to Pocket-lint, Virgin Media's Alex Green, the company's executive director for Commerical, TV and Online, stated that the TiVo rollout will target staff and existing customers first:
In terms of our roll-out, we're focusing initially on our staff and existing customers before we really open it out to prospects at large. We think that's important because getting the advocacy, getting the excitement, getting the buzz going within our home territory, if you like, is incredibly important. Particularly with a service that, in the end, really comes alive once you start using it. Word of mouth spreads and so on. It's the right way to get this product into the market.
With just under 4 weeks of the year left, Virgin will do well to get any TiVo boxes installed for existing customers this side of Xmas. New customers may be in for a longer wait. Either way, you can express your interest in getting TiVoed at Virgin's TiVo Web Site.

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