Tuesday, 13 September 2011

TiVo confirm that Android version of iPad App is "on our active road map"; Virgin Media version to follow?

According to a report at Total Telecom, TiVo is working on an App for Android devices to:
....let users manage its digital TV recording devices.

The Android app would follow an earlier remote-control application for Apple Inc.'s iPad that allows users to remotely manage their TiVo boxes as they record television shows and watch live TV.

Android "is on our active road map," TiVo Chief Executive Tom Rogers told Dow Jones Newswires. He declined to provide a timeframe for the application's debut.
There's no word (yet) from Virgin Media if this App would be released for customers with TiVo boxes, but with the growing popularity of Android and the release of the Version 3.0 software (aka HoneyComb, optimized for Tablet devices), we can pray......right?

The release of the iPad App has been confirmed, and indeed, Virgin released some pictures of the App last week.


adiboy said...

Cool :-)

Tom Chiverton said...

Whatever. I'd rather just have a (mobile) web site that would work whatever device I have.
Do you know if that's coming ?

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