Monday, 12 September 2011

From V+ HD to Virgin Media's TiVo

Considering upgrading from Virgin Media's V+ HD to TiVo? Then you may want to read the V+ HD to TiVo article. The goals of the article is to:
  1. Provide a one-stop page to...
  2. ...highlight key functionality differences between TiVo and V+ HD/UK PVRs so you know what to expect before upgrading and then discovering that TiVo has some feature missing which you were expecting to find, which may or may not be included in the forthcoming update(s), and
  3. To avoid disappointment. 
You can read the article via this link, or via the link at the top of this and every other page within the blog.


adiboy said...

Why on Earth would anyone be disappointed to switch to the Tivo? I love mine. I have had a couple of missed recordings because of the "teething troubles", but compared to all the advantages, these are nothing.

Advantages like:

1. It has a 1Tb hard drive!
2. You don't need to wade through the guide to find anything - you can search.
3. You can record just new or new and re-runs.
4. When using the guide, you can switch to just HD or just Comedy etc.
5. You can set it to record, from your android phone (or iphone) when you are out - even out of the country.
6. The menus are much quicker than the V+.
7. You can use the guide to watch programmes that you missed instead of having to wade through catch-up.
8. Run out of things you have recorded - look in Tivo's suggestions!
9. Did I mention that it has a 1Tb hard drive?!!

Jason (Admin) said...

Why on Earth would anyone be disappointed to switch to the Tivo?


Because Virgin previously said that "It can do everything V+ HD can, and more."

At the moment, that's simply not true.

tassiekev said...

That's why I sent mine back and returned to the V+

adiboy said...


So focus on the more bit and stop stressing about the V+ bit.

Would I go back to V+? Would I want to always have to choose between constantly deleting stuff or being able to record in HD? Would I want to give up being able to set my recordings wherever I am? Would I want to give up my "time travel" EPG? Would I want to give up some very good suggestions for things to watch?

I guess I just have enough patience to see any little niggles fixed when they get fixed.

Jason (Admin) said...

So focus on the more bit and stop stressing about the V+ bit.


Odd, I compared TiVo to V+ HD in my review where I gave TiVo the thumbs up - to date no-one has suggested I was 'stressing about the V+ bit' in that review.

I have and will continue to compare TiVo to V+ HD on this blog - that comparison isn't going away due to the fact that many people's upgrade path will be from V+ HD to TiVo (to pretend otherwise would be naive).

So I will stress the good AND bad for that comparison, now and in the future when software updates are released.

I should also quote this paragraph from the V+ HD to TiVo article, which you appear to have missed:

"Until then, V+ HD users considering upgrading to TiVo should be aware of the following key differences (while considering the many advantages over V+ HD)"

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