Thursday, 8 September 2011

Samsung to manufacture future boxes for Virgin Media's TiVo

Various sources have reported that Samsung have won the contract to make future TiVos for Virgin Media. Pocket-Lint reports that the new boxes will be rolling out later this year and they look very similar to the existing Cisco hardware.

This is the second time that Samsung have taken over the manufacturing of TV boxes for Virgin. The TV Drive (now known as the V+ HD) was initially made by Scientific Atlanta (now known as Cisco). Since then, Samsung have made the V+ HD boxes, and those boxes featured a significant performance increase over the Scientific Atlanta hardware.

However, any hopes that future TiVo owners may have for a faster Samsung TiVo (compared to the Cisco boxes) appear to have been dashed, with Virgin Staff on Cable Forum stating that the Samsung TiVos will have identical performance, hardware and technology.

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Anonymous said...

Thank god it will be the same,Last thing we need is software again not compatatable on both tivo boxes

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