Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Virgin Media reveal FAQ for TiVo; 18 month contract for next-generation PVR

As the waiting continues for the Virgin's next-generation PVR to be unleashed within Digital Cable TV areas, I've noticed Virgin's own TiVo FAQ on their Help website. I have no idea how long the FAQ has been there for, nevertheless, here are the highlights from the document:
We aim to make TiVo available in early 2011 (current Virgin Media customers will get the chance to upgrade first). By pre-registering your interest you’ll be kept up to date with the latest news on TiVo such as great new features and, a confirmed launch date once we are able to make this available.
TiVo will be offered to existing customers before any new customers are offered the service. We launched it to our staff first, current Virgin Media customers will be next and then we’ll offer it to new customers. 
[Can I have TiVo alongside other Virgin Media boxes?] Yes, as long as you sign up for an additional outlet offer. There is no problem technically having one box powered by TiVo, while other boxes are running on Virgin Media’s existing TV service.
The contract for TiVo will be 18 months.


Richard said...

So, £200 for the box, an extra £5/10/month fee, 18 month contract. They're really milking the cash out of their customers now.

No chance I'm getting this :(

Tom Chiverton said...

Yeah, I'll wait till the early adopters find and get fixed the bugs, and VM get serious about sensible pricing.

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