Monday, 31 January 2011

Facts and speculation regarding Customer rollout for Virgin Media's TiVo

Virgin said that TiVo would be with us in early 2011. As some of you have pointed out to me, its indeed early 2011.

So.....when can Virgin customers (me included) get their hands on one of these?

I've read loads of speculation, but, sadly, no facts regarding a customer release date for the next-generation PVR.

The facts I do have, are:
  • Virgin Media Technicians have been receiving training on TiVo installs, partly because the power levels have to be configured precisely in order to deliver the 10Mb deciated broadband connection which plays such an important part of the service.
  • Around 500 Virgin Media Staff members received a TiVo during December-January, and Virgin Customer Services staff have been receiving TiVo training.
  • Existing Customers who have pre-registered their interest in TiVo, along with remaining Virgin Media Staff members who weren't part of The TiVoed 500, will get first priority on TiVos. So, if you haven't registered yet, are interested in getting TiVo-ed, and live within Virgin's cable network, then you know what you have to do, don't you?
  • Virgin Media Staff on various forums can't really reveal details about TiVo until the restrictions set by the NDA they've signed are lifted, most likely when Virgin start contacting customers regarding TiVo installation dates. Speaking of which....
  • far as I know, Virgin haven't contacted any customers (excluding Staff) regarding TiVo installs - yet. This situation could and hopefully will change any day now.
  • Virgin Media have given some of their vans a new paint job. Note the hearts at the right of the van - with Valentine's Day coming up, could February 14th be Virgin Media TiVo Day? (Please take that as speculation on my part folks).

  • Virgin released the TiVo User Guide manual last week. They wouldn't be doing that unless the release day was close......would they? The customer help documents have been up for a while as well.
  • The speculation regarding a reduced TiVo price for existing customers remains exactly that for the moment - speculation. There's been no official word from Virgin regarding this. Yet.

So, the waiting continues. But given recent events, TiVo really should be 'coming soon'.....I hope.


Nialli said...

Some VM customers have had calls this afternoon (Monday) arranging for installs as early as this Wednesday. Seems to be TiVo S1 customers but may be more.

Admin said...

Cheers Nialli.

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