Monday, 31 January 2011

And so it begins: Virgin Media start contacting registered customers for TiVo installs

I tell ya, its like waiting for the buses.

Earlier today I posted about the latest status of the TiVo rollout. Since then, according to this thread at the TiVoCommunity forums, Virgin's TiVO customer team have begun contacting urm, customers who have registered interest in the next generation PVR. Nialli from the Virgin Media High Definition & TiVo Services Blog has also confirmed that Virgin are now opening communications with customers regarding TiVo installs.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, the great wait is almost over:

The TiVO Team have also begun contacting owners of the TiVo Series 1 boxes within the cable network who have been given the option of upgrading to Virgin TiVo.

A quick 'Virgin Media Tivo' search on Twitter also reveals customers who have already received the holy phone call from Virgin.

So, keep those mobile phones well charged and if possible, those landline phones within earshot, because sooner or later, you'll be getting a call, followed a van looking something like this being parked near your house:

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