Friday, 2 March 2012

Red Button fun for Virgin Media's TiVo; Sky Sports; Football First; F1; BBC

From Virgin's Help and Support Forums:

Great news! The wait is nearly over for our TiVo customers who’ve been waiting for Premier League Red Button coverage.
What are we launching?
Starting with Background Events so that our Sky Sports customers on TiVo can follow over-running, clashing and extra live Sports that won’t fit on Sky Sports 1-4. And then shortly followed by Football First for extended highlights of every Premier League match played on the day.
When are we launching?
MBE (Multiple Background Events) will launch on March 2nd and Football First on March 3rd. After that we’ll be launching Formula 1, Tennis will be coming later in the summer and both Champions League and Heineken Cup will be there for the start of the next season.

Please note: events are subject to change without notice
What channels will Sky Sports interactive be available on?
The interactive Red Button application will be available, for TiVo customers on the following Sky Sports Channels.              
Sky Sports 1  511 & Sky Sports 1HD 517                                              
Sky Sports 2  512 & Sky Sports 2 HD 518               
Sky Sports 3  513              
Sky Sports 4  514             
Sky Sports F1 (when it launches)

I don’t subscribe to Sky Sports, how can I do this to take advantage of the Red Button services that will be available on selected events?
All you need to do is arrange an upgrade to Sky Sports, the Red Button service (available on selected events only) will be available at no extra charge.

When will BBC red button interactive services launch?
More good news! We’ve been working with the BBC to launch Red Button services on TiVo and we’re hoping to start the roll out in April. This service will launch a menu over BBC channels.

We’ll be communicating further interactive service launches as and when they happen - so watch this space!

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