Thursday, 8 March 2012

iPad app for Virgin Media's TiVo now due in....September??!!?

September. This year. Hopefully.
Another day. Another statement from Virgin regarding the mythical port of the existing iPad app for TiVo. This app was first mentioned way back in December 2010. PaidContent:UK has a pretty good analysis of the timeline for this app's continuing 'development', suffice to say that the new date for deployment is September. That's this year. Hopefully.

Virgin, what is taking so long to deliver apps for your TiVo? Come to think of it, where's the Android app?

PaidContent:UK sums it up nicely:
The Zeebox startup managed to build an iPad TV EPG with built-in social features, contextual show pages and click-to-buy in a matter of months, earning it a partnership that effectively makes it the supplier for such technology to Virgin rival BSkyB.

One more feature Zeebox users enjoy - an integrated TV controller that works with… you guessed it… Virgin Media’s TiVo….

In other words, Sky has beaten Virgin to releasing an iPad app for Virgin.


Unknown said...

I may be behind the times and have missed one of your blogs but it is possible to control Virgin TiVo on the iPad via the app for It’s not what we are waiting for from Virgin as it’s a glorified remote control but it changes channel and you can set recordings from it so long as you are in your local wifi network. Very handy for sofa surfing.

adiboy said...

The beauty of apps is that developers can release a simple app and then update it regularly. It seems to me that the best thing for Virgin to do would be to get both an iPad and Android app released as soon as possible - even if it just does no more than Tivo Commander, allowing us to see our recordings and acting as a remote. Surely, they could then just add new functions every few weeks. At the moment they seem to be arguing that they don't want to release anything until it is perfect, but I suspect most tablet users care less about perfection than functionality and would much rather have something (with a promise of later perfection) than nothing (with a never-ending promise of something).

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