Saturday, 31 March 2012

Virgin Media make TiVo the heart of their Collection bundles

Virgin's relentless push to invade the UK with TiVos (the parts populated by the cable network at least) continues with the arrival of The Collections - the revamping of Virgin's triple-play bundles which feature TiVo as standard. The bundles section of Virgin's website is due to be updated tomorrow, but for now, the media centre site has more details.

Note that all prices:
  • Don't include the cost of a Virgin Phone line, currently £13.90 per month 
  • Assume that you're going to pay by Direct Direct and receive bills by ebilling
The Collection bundles are available for both new and existing customers.

Essential Collection:
  • 500Gb TiVo
  • M+ TV Pack (75 channels including 6 HD Channels)
  • 30Mb broadband
  • Talk Weekend Phone service
  • £25 per month

Premiere Collection:
  • 500Gb TiVo
  • V HD box
  • XL TV Pack (175 channels including 23 HD channels)
  • 60Mb broadband
  • Talk Weekend Phone service
  • Spotify for 3 months
  • Access to ESPN/ESPN HD
  • £45 per month

VIP Collection:
  • 1TB TiVo 
  • V HD box
  • XL TV Pack (175 channels including 23 HD channels)
  • 100Mb broadband (later increased to 120Mb)
  • Talk Unlimited Phone service
  • Talk Mobile
  • Talk International
  • Talk 08
  • Plus Sky Sports and Sky Movies channels
  • Plus Sky Premium HD channels
  • £90 per month

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