Monday, 20 February 2012

Confirmed! Reminders are coming to Virgin Media's TiVo!

72% of you wanted them.

Now, they really are coming soon - from the Help and Support Forums:
Hi, we will be introducing reminders functionality to TiVo in our next phase code release. Will be able to provide more detail soon

....Will say more when I can, but thought that as it's now "confirmed", I would share the news on reminders as I'm sure many will be pleased.

Nick Ontiveros
TV Strategy, Digital Entertainment 


Carryonvending said...

About time with a CAPITAL 'F'

God, I've missed that function!

gmcausland said...

I have never used this function but I know people who do. I think it's great VM have brought it to Tivo! :)

sishort said...

Based on what "coming soon" means for the iPad app, expect reminders to arrive in about 2 years.

Fletch said...

Switching from V+ to Tivo, the think I miss is on the recorded shows when it tell you 'viewed', it does not say this on Tivo and annoys me.

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