Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Small software update on the way for Virgin Media's TiVo

Remember that pilot software update I was on about? Well, it won't be a pilot for much longer, software update messages are now appearing in a TiVo Discovery Bar near you, informing you of a "small software update" which will be deployed at 3am between 31st January and 9th February for TiVo(s) left on overnight.

As previously reported (and much to the annoyance of several customers) this update was reported to disable third-party apps from communicating with your TiVo over the home network. It now appears that only apps which don't provide valid authentication to TiVo (which, sadly, includes TiVo Commander) won't work after the update.

As for the rest of the update, BenMcr at the Help & Support Forums reports that it will also resolve issues with the YouTube app (does this mean we can login to our YouTube account?), along with a fix for the 'Channel Not Authorised' issue when changing channels and/or recording.


Neil Gillibrand said...

Does this mean if I keep switching the box off at night it won't update? And therefore I'll still be able to use my TiVo Commander...?

Delboy said...

#Neil Gillibrand it will proberly do the upgrade when you switch it on...

there is another app called VM TiVo Net Remote find information on the link below

features include reminders etc and theyre saying it work after the update


Dannysat said...

Will this update allow multi streaming between Tivo boxes on the same home network, as promised, or will this still be blocked by broadcasters

adiboy said...

Well, sadly I appear to have been "updated". Had my use of Tivo Commander stopped as predicted. It does seem petty to stop it when there is no replacement yet available.

leatherface said...

About time they addressed the missing reminder function, was told by Virgin that it would be in the next update when i spoke to them in December.

Chitambira said...

Virgin Media UK is a JOKE. Almost half a year gone now and no replacement for Tivo Commander?
If there is a Tivo Remote for Android already for the US Market, whats the problem with VM?
What happened to the mantra "Customers First"?

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